More than 40 years have passed since Britain fought a secret war in Oman. Former Major Nicholas Ofield has returned for the first time since the conflict to retread his battlegrounds with his son, filmmaker Tristan Ofield. This blog contains excerpts from the production diary Tristan kept during filming.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Days 09 - 12

Trying to find our way out of Salalah... Proving very difficult. Got a series of great interviews with Dad by the side of the hotel room.  Shot using my old 85m. Love it. It meant I could get the  camera a little further away but still keep the picture very shallow. Certainly going to have to get the 35 and 28 off the chap in Ashbourne.

On the final interview it was getting a little dark. Had to push the iso to 2000 and open to 1.8 cut short because it was getting too dark. Later found I had my ND filter set to full. Stupid mistake! Dad remarked that I need to get some laminated procedure cards made ... I think he's right I've been putting it off to long.

Day 12
Sleeping off the road somewhere near Ibri. Had terrible s***s from an ice cream I had on the way. We got up at 7am and drove 1000km.

Finished watching the Lovely Bones not as good as the book but not as bad as everybody said. Had some great moments. Amazing sound track. Thought Wahlberg would have me clawing at the screen but was ok. Now laying out under the Milky Way. Haven't seen it for ages. The locals call it. Terik La Gabriel. "Gabriel's Road" left behind when Allah sent the Arc Angel Gabriel to stop Aberham sacrificing Ishmael. He didn't have time to go round the stars so he smashed through them leaving a trail behind him.

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  1. Laminated procedure cards ARE a good idea